It’s a familiar situation for stock investors: A letter arrives in your mailbox, plump with proposed Board of Directors candidates you’ve never heard of, executive compensation packages that may seem generous, and proposals on everything from shareholder-rights plans to share-count increases to environmental policies.

Welcome to the proxy vote. Your portfolio team here at Motley Fool Funds takes proxies very seriously, because proxies represent the most direct opportunity we have as business owners to influence how a company is run. To our minds, there are two ways that share owners can effectively express their opinions to management. One is to transact in the stock, and the other is to vote a proxy. We find ourselves mystified that an owner would fail to exercise voting rights at every opportunity.

So how will we vote? We invite you to review our proxy-voting policies and procedures, which clearly map out our approach to voting on topics such as board-member election, fees and expenses, corporate mergers, and more.

This page will host our proxy-voting decisions. We invite you to check back occasionally to view how we have voted on your behalf.