Our Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy for FoolFunds.com website users is presented by Motley Fool Asset Management, LLC, and The Motley Fool Funds (together, "we" "Motley Fool Funds," or "us"). A privacy notice will also be included within the Annual Report for any Motley Fool Funds mutual fund, but this Privacy Policy (as modified from time to time through procedures described below) applies to investors (or potential investors) who use the FoolFunds.com website for information, subscriptions, or transactions.

We know that while you as investors (i.e., "you") are entrusting us to manage your money, you are also entrusting us with the privacy and security of your personal information. We take that trust seriously.

As you may know, Motley Fool Asset Management, the investment advisor to The Motley Fool Funds, is a subsidiary of The Motley Fool Holdings, Inc., which also owns The Motley Fool, LLC (provider of Fool.com and several investment newsletter services), The Motley Fool Limited (provider of Fool.co.uk and several investment newsletters in the United Kingdom), and The Motley Fool Australia Pty LTD (provider of Fool.com.au in Australia). Together, these companies, with other affiliates, are the Motley Fool Companies. Please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the Privacy Policy for any other Motley Fool Companies of which you are a customer.

I. Why we obtain personal information about you

It should come as no surprise that we need personal information about our current, former, and prospective investors. We may use personal information about you, such as your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, assets, income, and date of birth, to accept your investment; service and maintain your account; process transactions in your account; respond to inquiries from you; develop, offer, and deliver products and services to you, including publications that we may email you; or fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.

II. Sources of personal information

We may collect the following public and non-public personal information about you:

  • Information we receive from you on or in an application (even if you don't complete or submit the application) or other forms, or from correspondence or conversations.
  • Information we receive from you on or in our website, including your email address, or that we capture through Web pages.
  • Information we receive through the use of "cookies" and similar data files, which are tiny files that we ask your browser to store. We may use such files to provide personalized features, understand how people are using our website, or make it easier for you to access your account. We don't use them to obtain personal information from your hard drive. We will not share information from these files with others, except to help service your account.
  • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others, including, but not limited to, your account number and balance, payments history, parties to transactions, cost-basis information, and other financial information.
  • Information received from our introducing broker.
  • Information from consumer reporting agencies or other references.

III. How we share information about you with third parties

We do not sell, rent, or barter information about you to third parties.

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about current, prospective, or former investors, except as set out in this Privacy Policy (or required by law).

We may share personal information about you as follows:

  • We may provide information to service providers, such as those that process transactions or otherwise help service or administer the fund or its investments (for example, the introducing broker, transfer agent, printing and mailing companies, parties that provide marketing services on our behalf, securities clearinghouses, and other entities that may provide services at our direction). Our service providers must agree to use the personal information we share with them only to provide the services we specify. Of course, when we need to send things to you, we may also need to disclose your information to a delivery or postal service.
  • We may provide information to government agencies, other regulatory bodies, and law-enforcement officials (for example, for tax purposes or for reporting suspicious transactions).
  • We may provide your information to other organizations, with your consent (for example, if you use us as a financial reference in applying for a financial product or service of another institution), or as permitted or required by law (for example, for fraud prevention).
  • We may disclose your personal information to protect our rights or property, or our safety or that of others'.
  • We may disclose your information to other Motley Fool Companies, as set out below.

IV. How we share information about you within the Motley Fool group of companies

We have arrangements with Motley Fool Companies to provide for investment management, distribution, and servicing, and we may exchange personal information about you with such affiliates. We may also exchange your personal information with our affiliates who act as our internal service providers to perform certain services and functions relating to your investment on our behalf -- for example, printing, mailing, and data-processing services. We may also share certain personal information about you with Motley Fool Companies for their use in marketing products and services as allowed by law. If you do not want us to share the information accordingly, or if you want to opt out of receiving email marketing from Motley Fool Asset Management, you may do so here.

V. How we protect information about you

As further described below under "Our Security Policy," we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your nonpublic personal information. We restrict access to personal information to those who require it to develop, support, offer, and deliver products, information, and services to you.

Our Security Policy

Motley Fool Asset Management, LLC, and The Motley Fool Funds are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our past, present, and future investors. In furtherance of that commitment, we take the following measures:

  • Your data is submitted securely. We use SSL encryption, an industry standard protocol for safely exchanging information. Your information is encrypted so that only your computer and Motley Fool Funds (and its agents or service providers) can see or understand it.
  • We use SSL Web server certificates with Extended Validation ("EV"). EV is the most rigorous industry standard for authenticating a company's or government entity's identity. The latest Web browsers will display a green address bar or location bar when a site has been verified with an EV SSL certificate.
  • We use "multi-factor authentication" and SSL encryption to send your data securely to the fund's Transfer Agent, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC, for processing. This means that we are using several layers of security, including passwords and encryption, to secure your data transmission.
  • We do not store your social security number.
  • We work with the Transfer Agent to ensure that only you can create and access your Fund account(s). The Fund employs services to verify your personal information and financial transactions. If you create multiple Fund accounts, we verify additional information to accurately connect all your accounts.

VI.  How we will notify you of changes in these policies

We may change our privacy policies at any time, but we will give notice of any material change (or any notices that we are required to give you) on our website and/or in email messages. We may include you in general mailings of annual privacy notices that are provided to our non-website investors but the online privacy policy will still apply to you.