Bill Mann announces a role change, and welcomes Bryan Hinmon to be new Chief Investment Officer.

Dear Fellow Fool Funds Shareholders:

It is with bittersweet feelings that I let you know that on Jan. 13, 2017, I will be leaving Motley Fool Asset Management to return to The Motley Fool, LLC's publishing group. Bryan Hinmon, who has so ably served as our director of research, will take over the role of chief investing officer for Motley Fool Asset Management.

I am so proud to work with Bryan, and I know that fund shareholders will remain in highly capable hands.

In the financial industry, someone moving from portfolio management to publishing may seem a strange career step. At The Motley Fool, it makes much more sense. Our view of ourselves is perhaps different from how others view us. Allow me to make a comparison.

When you think of Ferrari, you most likely think of it as a maker of some of the world’s finest sports cars.  Ferrari isn’t a brand; it’s a nameplate that promises fortissimo cars to be driven by bellissimo people ad altissima velocità on the open road. 

While that’s how most people view Ferrari, it’s not how Ferrari views itself. Ferrari’s core purpose, its reason to exist, is to achieve excellence on the world’s racing circuits, particularly Formula 1. Everything else the company does, including its road car production, is secondary to its efforts to dominate on the track. Ferrari is a racing company that also happens to sell some amazing sports cars.

The Motley Fool’s core purpose is to help the world invest, better. What we want is for individual investors to improve their own financial standing through good, clear decisions when it comes to their money. In 2009 we made the decision to launch mutual funds because we realized that many investors wanted to have those “good, clear decisions” made by a team of portfolio managers working on their behalf.

While the work with our funds is far from finished, I’m confident that the Fool Funds team is stronger than it’s ever been. And I’m convinced that the future of our funds is incredibly bright. From Day One, I have been one of the largest shareholders of the funds, and I have no intention of moving those investments away from this capable team.

There’s no one I’d rather hand the keys to this Ferrari over to than Bryan. Since joining our team in 2014, he’s impressed me every day with his investing instincts, his passion for performance, and his desire to deliver winning results to our shareholders. For two years, Bryan has worked behind the scenes to improve our investing process. He’ll now lead a team that runs better and more smoothly because of his contributions.

Please know that my departure doesn’t signify any imminent changes to our portfolio or investing style. Motley Fool Funds will continue to be managed with an emphasis on investing in high-quality companies at prices we think are attractive. We’ll continue to espouse the same buy-and-hold philosophy that you’ve come to know.

As for me, I am excited to transition into a new role, where I can help an ever-growing number of people invest better. I am moving back to where I cut my teeth as an investor: to publishing, where I will be working alongside Motley Fool co-founder Tom Gardner. We’ll have more details there soon.

Let me close by saying something that I’ve said in countless monthly letters and annual reports alike – please accept my thanks for trusting us with at least part of your financial future. It has been a privilege.

Foolishly –

Bill Mann

Bill Mann

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