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Quick Facts & Daily Price As of 08/10/2017
Category Class Ticker NAV Change ($) Change (%) Inception Date
Foreign Small/Mid Growth Investor TMFEX $14.13 $-0.07 -0.49% 11/01/2011

* The Board of Trustees of Motley Fool Funds has unanimously approved the closing and subsequent liquidation and termination of the Emerging Market Institutional Share Class (FOEIX). As of 6/30/17 the Emerging Market institutional share class (FOEIX) closed and liquidated. You may find more information on the closure by reading our supplement (dated 4/28/17) to the Prospectus (dated 2/28/17) here.

Fund Overview

The Motley Fool Emerging Markets Fund seeks exceptional foreign companies at value prices. We look for high-quality companies with excellent management teams that boast strong financial positions and operate in industries that our management team truly understands. We will invest at least 90 percent of the Fund's net assets in securities issued by foreign companies. We define foreign companies as companies located or organized outside the United States or whose primary business is carried on outside the United States. Our process is identical to the one we rely on for the Motley Fool Independence Fund and Motley Fool Great America Fund. We perform rigorous, fundamental analysis and dissect each company's strategy, competitive position, operations, and performance. Additionally, we review all pertinent public documents and official communications about the company. Although we will invest with an intention to hold for the long term, we will also insist on keeping a solid margin of safety on all Fund holdings. As a result, we will sell any holding that we believe has exceeded its intrinsic value.
Top Holdings As of 09/30/2017
Holding Percentage
Tencent Holdings Ltd 6.04%
Ctrip.Com International Ltd 4.51%
Odontoprev SA 4.50%
DuzonBizon Co Ltd 4.44%
MercadoLibre Inc 4.38%
Gentera SAB de CV 4.25%
Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior SA 4.08%
International Container Terminal Services Inc 4.06%
Bgeo Group PLC 4.04%
Almarai Co SJSC 3.98%

1 Trailing Total Returns are shown net of fund management and operating expenses, but not of redemption fees. For periods greater than one year, average annual total returns are shown.