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Historical Distribution and Tax Information

At Motley Fool Funds, we annually distribute ordinary income dividend per share and capital gain distribution per share during the last week in December. We’re spoiling the surprise, but during certain years our funds did not distribute capital gains to shareholders. That’s because we view trading costs and taxes as being drags on total fund performance. We don’t like generating big tax bills for our clients, so we’ve intentionally aimed to get our capital gains distributions to somewhere close to zero. Please remember that past distributions and performance do not guarantee future distributions or results. We estimate the 2017 distribution event will take place on or around 12/20/2017. For estimated distribution amounts, please click here.

In addition to the details below, for tax year 2017, Motley Fool Global Opportunities Fund reported QDI% of 100% and DRD% of 51.67%. Foreign Tax per share and Foreign Qualified Tax per share were not applicable to the Global Opportunities Fund.