At Motley Fool Funds, we aim to get right what much of the fund industry gets wrong. Our approach all begins with a unique, shareholder-centric philosophy.

  • We are -- and will remain -- significant investors with you in Motley Fool Funds.

  • We will manage your investment in Motley Fool Funds as if it were our own.

  • We will keep our financial incentives aligned with those of our shareholders.

  • We will invest for the long term. We seek to maximize returns while we minimize business, regulatory, financial, and sovereign risks.

  • We will not impose loads or 12b-1 charges, and we will apply redemption fees only to discourage short-term trading.

  • We will be advocates on your behalf with company managers and boards, in the interest of enhancing the value of your shares.

  • We will communicate with our shareholders as clearly and candidly as possible.

  • We will recognize that one of our most powerful analytical weapons is the phrase "I don't know." In that spirit, we will constantly review our successes and mistakes and remain passionate about learning.