Built from the ground up to be different, Fool Funds is a boutique shareholder-centric asset management firm founded on "Foolish" investing principles.

Tom Gardner
Tom Gardner
David Gardner
David Gardner

Motley Fool Funds are managed by a subsidiary of The Motley Fool – a hub of superior investment wisdom for over 21 years.   Founded in 1993 in Alexandria VA by brothers David and Tom Gardner, the Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company dedicated to Helping the world invest- Better.

After years of requests from members to invest for them, Motley Fool Asset Management was launched in 2009 and today has three no-load equity mutual funds. Read more about our funds.

A true boutique value firm, Motley Fool Funds seeks to bring a long-term approach to an increasingly short term investing climate.

  • Long-term buy & hold approach
  • Go Anywhere in search of absolute value
  • Provide true active management independent of benchmarks
  • Seek to minimize costs via a low-turnover tax efficiency portfolio
  • Define risk as a permanent loss of capital

Meet the professionals who manage and oversee Motley Fool Funds.

"The Fool Walks the Road Less Traveled"